How to Make Your Stock Feed Last Longer


Raising and selling cattle has tight margins, and to safeguard your profits, you need to keep costs as low as possible. Looking for ways to make your stock feed go a bit further? Check out these ideas.

1. Store Stock Feed Properly

You certainly don't want to lose feed before it makes it to your cattle, and to ensure that doesn't happen, you need to store your stock feed properly. Make sure that feed is in a dry, climate-controlled area so that it doesn't get wet or mouldy. Also, make sure that feed is in a sturdy container so that mice or pests can't get to it.

2. Keep the Birds Away

Speaking of pests, birds can grab a lot of your stock feed. To deter birds from making your pasture into their home, come out and make a lot of noise at the end of the day so they are less likely to roost in the area. You may also want to consider a bird proof stock feeder. These basically have a relatively small opening for the cattle to access, and they make it harder for birds to grab the feed.

3. Add Leftovers

In addition to feeding your cattle stock feed, you may want to give them leftovers as well. Rather than throwing old vegetables or peelings into your compost piles, consider using that to augment your stock feed. Remember, that cattle are grass eaters and feed them accordingly.

4. Rotate Grazing Areas

If your cattle graze as well as eat stock feed, make sure to rotate their areas on a regular basis. When you move the cattle around, that gives the grass in those areas more time to grow back. That takes some of the burden off your feed and helps it to last longer.

5. Keep Water in a Separate Area

Unfortunately, when your water is too close to your stock feed, the water may splash onto the feed, making it virtually worthless. To protect the feed, keep the water tank and the feed containers in seperate areas.

6. Use a Spill-Resistant Feeder

When choosing your stock feeder, look for one that is stable and resists spilling. Even if you just have a single cattle, they can knock over a bucket of food, and that wasted food adds up over time. You can get feeders in a range of styles that are designed to resist spilling.


13 December 2017

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