2 Ways To Disguise A Water Tank In Your Urban Garden


Water tanks have always been a popular feature for homes in rural or remote areas. However, they're becoming increasingly popular in urban areas these days. Town and city dwellers who want to reduce or eradicate their ever growing water bills are installing water tanks, even in very small city gardens.

If you live in an urban area and would love to be more self-sufficient in supplying your household with water, then you may be considering installing a water tank. If you have a small garden, the thought of a big, unsightly water tank that robs your garden of valuable space and detracts from your landscaping may be making your hesitate.

Fortunately, the increased popularity of water tank installation in urban areas has led to many innovative new styles being manufactured. Here are two ways that you can disguise a water tank in your urban home:

1. Camouflage it alongside your house

A great way to disguise a water tank is by camouflaging it against the side of your house. Water tanks come in an enormous array of colours and you can generally find a perfect or very close match to the main colour of your home's walls. You can even get tanks that mimic the look of timber cladding, brickwork or colorbond steel cladding to further the illusion.

If you're going for the camouflage option, it's most effective if you also choose a slimline tank that fits snuggly along the exterior of your home. Opt for a long, slim and tall model instead of the regular cubed or cylindrical tanks.

2. Tuck it away under the deck or crawlspace

Decks are a common feature in both modern and older style homes in Australia. Crawlspaces are less common in modern homes, but anything built before the 1960s generally has a small, accessible space beneath the floorboards. The area underneath decks and in the crawlspace are sometimes used for storage but more often they're a wasted space.

This makes them the perfect location for locating your new water tank. The water tanks will be virtually invisible yet still easily accessible. There are special water tanks designed specifically for this purpose. They sit low to the ground but are long and wide enough to rival the water storage capacity of more traditional water tank models.

Having your own fresh, clean and free water supply is possible, even in a small urban garden. Contact your local water tank manufacturer to find out which water tank model will be best suited and most easily disguised in your garden.


28 May 2017

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