How to Make Your Stock Feed Last Longer


Raising and selling cattle has tight margins, and to safeguard your profits, you need to keep costs as low as possible. Looking for ways to make your stock feed go a bit further? Check out these ideas. 1. Store Stock Feed Properly You certainly don't want to lose feed before it makes it to your cattle, and to ensure that doesn't happen, you need to store your stock feed properly.

13 December 2017

2 Ways To Disguise A Water Tank In Your Urban Garden


Water tanks have always been a popular feature for homes in rural or remote areas. However, they're becoming increasingly popular in urban areas these days. Town and city dwellers who want to reduce or eradicate their ever growing water bills are installing water tanks, even in very small city gardens. If you live in an urban area and would love to be more self-sufficient in supplying your household with water, then you may be considering installing a water tank.

28 May 2017

Understanding Food Labelling Laws in Australia


If you intend to sell any type of foodstuffs in Australia, you need to understand food labelling or nutritional profiling laws. These laws dictate the information you need to include on the labels of prepared and packaged foods, and failing to conform to these laws can mean the risk of heavy fines. It might be good to consult with an attorney to understand all the details of those laws, but note a few basics so you know where to begin when it comes to your product labelling.

14 April 2017